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Wadi Mousa

Wadi Mousa which flows from Petra towards the Araba Valley is the southernmost perennial wadi in the Kingdom of Jordan. Within the wide valley of Petra, it is hard to imagine the savage appearance of its lower reaches where is leaves the sandstone and starts cutting deep into hard igneous rock. Five waterfalls are spaced along its gorge, shadowed by pinnacles and juniper trees, which are mirrored in its streambed pools.

The route approaches and leaves Wadi Musa through Wadi Marwan, and with an early start it can be completed in a day. However if you donít want to rush, divide the route over two days, spending the night beneath the second waterfall. Should you choose this option, consider descending towards the Pond Temple, a mysterious Nabataean site that is still unexcavated. At the upper reaches of Wadi Musa is an intriguing Nabataean rock relief.