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 Wadi El Hidan

The route starts in magnificent basalt canyon, on the upper reaches of Wadi El Hidan. Elongate pools are abundant and you often swim more than you walk. As you descend along the canyon the black basalt gives way to red sandstone. This is where a majestic waterfall awaits you, leading into a gorge with palm trees, hot and cold springs, and a rich variety of colors. Thereafter, the canyon widens and dense vegetation makes progress difficult. Within a few hours you reach the lower gorge of Wadi El Hidan: a water amusement park with endless slides and jumps.
Descending Wadi El Hidan is a demanding adventure of at least 13 hours! Those who are willing to meet the challenge will be rewarded by one of the most beautiful localities that Jordan has to offer. Visiting the Wadi requires a special permit from the RSCN! Or contact us