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Three days tour start from south of Jordan (Aqaba - Eilat border, or Aqaba Port to North of Jordan, or North border (Jordan -Israel border, or Jordan Syria border).


1st day : south border/Petra

In the morning a local guide will escort you into Petra and show you the highlights of the Nabatean city. You will enter the city through the Siq and be rewarded with the most astonishing and dramatic monument in Jordan: the Treasury. You will also visit the theatre, the tombs and façades and the colonnaded street.

In the evening back to your Hotel dinner and overnight

2nd day: Petra/Kerak Castle/King's Highway/ Mount Nebo/Amman

After breakfast will travel up to Kerak you will visit the huge castle where Saladin and Richard Lionheart fought during the crusades. While enjoying the beautiful landscapes the journey continues along the King’s Highway On the way you will pass through Wadi Mujib, the grand canyon of Jordan. Your next stop will be Mount Nebo, where like Moses you will be able to overlook the Holy Land and the Dead Sea. If the sky is clear Jerusalem, Jericho and Bethlehem will meet your eye. transfer to Sheik Hussein Bridge for your departure, enjoy the highlights of Amman, dinner and overnight.

3rd day : Amman/Jerash/Sheik Hussein bridge

Aftter breakfast drive to Jerash, You will visit Jerash, the Pompei of the East. You will enter Jerash through the monumental South Gate and find yourself wandering around in a Roman city. You will walk in the Oval Plaza surrounded by colonnades, visit the Roman theatre and Byzantine churches with mosaic-covered floors. Enjoy a stroll along Jerash’ main road the Cardo and pass by the Nymphaeum. Jerash has been covered by sand for centuries, the main reason why it is still so well-preserved. You may experience the marvellous acoustics of the theatre, the stage of the Jerash music festival which takes place every year. And see for yourself how the Romans built the earthquake-proof columns of the colonnaded streets. Then to Sheik Hussein bridge, departure


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