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Strenuous Canyoning Offer in Jordan

Since the dawn of time, man tried a lot of ways to discover the secrets of nature, canyons, wildlife and adventures. We offer exceptional adventures “Strenuous Canyoning” where you feel the sense of nature and adventure, and being one with the nature “the whole experience will be sticked in both your mind & soul”


Day 1: Airport – Amman

Meets and assist at Airport, Visa formalities, transfer to Black Iris Hotel in Madaba, dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Madaba – Wadi Mukheiris – Madaba

Early in the morning, we drive by 4WD we will travel down to Dead Sea, and will be dropped on the way in front of Movenpick Hotel at the beach of Dead Sea; from there canoeing will start in Wadi Mukheiris: 9 Km, 9 hours, one – way and back, canyon with an impressive 20 m waterfall and several pools. Surprising stalactites hide behind veils of droplets and ferns in the canon’s upper reaches. The trail offers fine look-throughs towards the Dead Sea, Lunch will be provided by our tour guide, please click here what to carry, evening we will be back to the same point where 4WD dropped us, and drive back to Black Iris Hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Madaba – Mount Nebo – Wadi Zarqa Ma’in – Dead Sea

In the morning after breakfast will drive to visit mount Nebo, where the profit Moses last time seen, after forty years of traveling from Egypt, we shall visit the church, and overlook of Jericho, Jerusalem and Dead Sea, and we will drive via Lipp down to Wadi Zarqa Ma’in canoeing in a different canyon in a completely different nature, Wadi Zarqa Ma’in is supposed to be the “Valley of God” Nahaliel mentioned in the Bible as a camping place. Zarqa Ma’in – a magnificent gorge; but there are only tombs to be seen in it. Thence a steep and difficult path leads to the hot springs of Callirhoe. In this valley we will have easy walk, and the last 4 Km, 8 hours will be trekking to Ma’in Spa., at Mercury Hotel end of the lower George the 4WD will be waiting us to drive to Dead Sea Campsite, dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Dead Sea – Wadi El Hidan – Camping

Early in the morning drive to beginning of Wadi El Hidan the most strenuous canyon, we will have to start very early in the morning, we will have to start from east side of the trail to end in west side in Dead Sea, ropes will be provided by the tour guide, as well as lunch, the routes starts in a magnificent basalt canyon, on the upper reaches of Wadi El Hidan. Elongate pools are abundant and you often swim more than you walk. As you descend along the canyon the black basalt gives way to red with palm trees, hot and cold springs, this is where a majestic waterfall awaits you, the route is one way, 15 km, 13 hours, two 50 m ropes, in the evening our 4WD will be waiting is at the end of the canyon from west side, and prepared our campsite, dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Dead Sea – Wadi Ibn Hammad – Kerak

In the morning will drive by our 4WD up to Wadi Ibn Hammad, you start walking, and almost immediately, you'll walk in the water and into the narrow siq, with plants and palm trees on the wall, some waterfalls here and there. Most of the time you'll walk in the water with water under the knees, at some places the water will come till your waist. This will of course also depend on the time of the year you're coming. Also, your local guide will know that you cannot do this walk during or shortly after rain due to the risk of flash floods. After 3 hours, you get out of the siq. In May, you'll see beautiful flowering oleanders. You can stop here for lunch. Then you'll go for another 2, 5 to 3 hours. Evening we will drive you to Moujip Hotel in Kerak, check in, dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Kerak – Wadi Kerak – Mazra’a

Early in the morning after breakfast, driver south to Wadi Kerak which offers you spectacular waterfalls, a colorful sandstone gorge and impressive hanging gardens. The upper waterfall consists of three steps dropping 40 m down walls of beige sandstone. The lower waterfall gushes above two great red boulders. Several side streams flow into Wadi Karak, one of these entering as a tall dripping waterfall crowned with palm trees and stalactites, the route is one way, 500 m descent, 9 km, 9 hours ( 1 hour to the first waterfall, 4 hours from the last waterfall to the end of the trail, two 50 ropes and ordinary abseiling great. Evening we will arrive Mazara’a in Aghwar area, we will camp in south of Mazra’a Junction.

Day 7: Mazra’a – Wadi ‘Assal – Hot Springs in Hammam Afra

Early in the morning before sunrise, we will drive via Numaira to Wadi ‘Assal which is ‘Assal in Arabic is honey, and honey this Wadi is. It offers a narrow sandstone gorge with luxuriant vegetation and six falls, demanding abseiling skills, the route is one way, 1100 m descent, 15 km, 10 hours (1 hour to the first waterfall, 3.5 hours from the lat waterfall to the end of the trail, Two 30 m ropes and ordinary abseiling gear, lunch will be provided by the tour guide, the 4WD will be waiting us in Kathrabba village, to drive us hot springs, Hammam Afra, where we camp and overnight.

Day 8: Wadi Hasa

Early in the morning, we start canoeing in Wadi Hasa which is sports magnificent hanging gardens, narrow gorges and hot springs. Its upper reaches are carved into white limestone, creating a playground of giant boulders. A dramatic change of scenery is displayed along its lower course, where the Wadi cuts a spectacular canyon in red sand stone. The drainage basin of Wadi Hasa extended over 3,200 sq. km, far bigger than most of the Wadis in Moab or Edom and second only to Wadi Mujip. Its discharge is about 20 million cubic m per hottest spring is about 54 C Arare tropical tree (Dalbergia sisoo) not known elsewhere in Jordan grows in its bed. There is three trails, we will take Wadi Hasa, lower canyon, the route is one way. 550 m descent (950 m descent including the walk along the dirt track), 18 km, minimum 10 hours without visiting the side streams. Evening the 4WD will drive us to Dana village; check in at Dana hotel, luxury small hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Wadi Dana – Fainan

Breakfast, around 08:00 A.M we will start hiking via Wadi Dana which is a system of Wadies and mountains that extends from the upper edge of the Rift Valley down to the desert lowlands of Wadi Araba. Dana is truly a world of natural treasures, where you going to meet some Bedouins and have tea at their tents, and will if you keep walking to Wadi Fainan, the beginning of Araba desert you find am amazing Edge, and Copper Mines in Wadi Fainan, the tour is one way, 18 Km, 6 hours, easy hiking, we will arrive Wadi Fainan, overnight with Bedouin family, and have their tradition dinner, overnight their tents.

Day 10: Fainan – Wadi Ghuwier – Hammam Dethneh- Mansoura

Wadi Ghuweir descends from the Shawbak Plateau through a spectacular red sandstone siq whose lower reaches are garnished by hanging gardens. Its water flow changes with the season, but even in the summer it is a splendid route. At the outlet of the Wadi are the ruins of Feinan, an ancient centre of copper mining and smelting. The route is one-way. Altitude difference, Distance and walking time: 500 m descent, 11 km, 8 hours. Expect wet shoes. In rain-rich years it may be necessary to cross two small ponds by swimming. After 1.5 hour will arrive Hamman Dethneh, the great oasis with palm trees, we will swim there, and continue via Wadi Nakheel to Mansoura, there is a garden of Old Olive trees, we will camp there and overnight.

Day 11: Mansoura – Petra

From Mansoura walk on the top of Mountains of Heisha, and Abdalia, you will see a great view of all the canyons and the natural reserve that we have done since the first day in the same time, we will walk for 8 hours to Little Petra, our 4WD will be waiting us to transfer us to Wadi Mousa, check in at Petra Diamond Hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 12: Petra

Breakfast in hotel, 8:00 am departure for full day tour of Petra (the Rose-Red city) including the Siq, the Treasury, city centre, the Royal tomb, the theatre, the High Place of Sacrifice, Wadi Farasah and the Roman Soldier Tombs. Lunch in Petra, then evening hike back via the Siq to Wadi Musa for freshen-up followed by transfer to Beidha (little Petra) for gala B-B-Q dinner under the stars, then back to Wadi Musa for overnight at Petra diamond hotel.

Day 13: Petra – Amman

Transfer to Amman, shopping in Amman then to the airport for your departure.

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