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Jordan Extreme tour
Jordan canyon-adventure

This program is specially offered those who like the ADVENTURE and the WATER, WATER, WATER! The tour contains two canyon tours to Wadi Zarka and Wadi Iben Hammad, which are undisputable the most beautiful nature spots of Jordan, but can not be seen by everybody. These canyons can be hiked just by those who are in a good physical condition, and not afraid of difficult situations, like when on a ladder should be climb down, or should be swim for a while in the high water canyon, or should be crossed in a narrow pass and so on. We would be surely wet, so appropriate cloth is necessary for the tour. This program can be made during the very hot summer also, while we are always close to water. Above the canyons during the tour we visit the Hammamat Main natural water-flow, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. The adventure part of the program is combined with visiting the historic sites of Jordan.

1. day: Amman / Jerash / Madaba / Mt. Nebo / Amman

After We meet at Airport We travel by bus to Jerash, to the most preserved Roman Imperial City. We can walk in the oval shape Plaza surrounded by colonnades, visit the Roman Theatres, the Temples with mosaics-covers, walk along the main road, called Cargo and pass by the Nympheum. We drive to Madaba, to the ’city of mosaics’. Here in the Saint George’s Church we can see the mosaic map, which is the first and complete map of the Holy Land. It was found in 1884, when the church was rebuilt. We travel to the Mount Nebo, to the place from where Moses apparently saw the forbidden Promised Land. The top of the hill is Moses Memorial Church, which was built according to many scientists’ opinion on Moses’ tomb. Inside the Church beautiful old mosaics decorate the floor and the walls. We drive back to Amman, visit the old bazaar, in downtown Amman, than we go back to our hotel.

2. day: Amman / Ma’in SPA / Wadi Zarka / Dead Sea / Kerak

The real water adventures start from today. From the hotel of Amman we travel today to the Hamamat Ma’in SPA, and take a bath in the natural warm water-flow. After we go for an unforgettable water canyon tour, which has very pleasant warm water. According to the fastness of the group the hiking tour take 4-5 hours through the Wadi Zarka, starts from the spring, and ends at the Dead Sea. The group will be lead by local leaders. We hike on the way of the small river, sometimes have to go down on ladders, come through narrow cliffs, and walk or swim in high water. The dress will be surely wet, so swimming dress, and above T-shirt and easy dry trousers are recommended. Comfortable hiking shoe is necessary! Many water is needed, everybody should bring is in back-bags. The bus will carry our languages. We meet the bus at the end of the canyon. We go for lunch to the Dead Sea SPA hotel, and swim at the lowest point on Earth, 400 meters below sea level. The expression of swim is not totally correct while we can’t swim rather float in the Dead Sea. The water has very high salt and much mineral content. Not just the water, but also the natural mud that can be found at the bottom of the sea are very healthy for every type of skin. In the afternoon we continue our tour to Kerak, to our next hotel.

3. day: Kerak / Wadi Iben Hammad / Petra

After breakfast we visit the huge size Kerak castle, which was built in 1142 by the Crusaders. We can walk inside old, dark corridors, halls, kitchens and solders’ rooms of the castle. After we start our next unforgettable canyon tour in a more beautiful place at the Wadi Iben Hammad. Inside the canyon we go through a subtropical area inside a lava mountain, surrounded by colourful cliffs and palm trees. The tour can be made around 5-6 hours. The recommended cloth to the canyon is same as yesterday; we should not forget that we surely would be wet. The bus will carry our language also today. After the canyon tour we have some break in Kerak than we continue to Petra, where will be our next accommodation. In the evening we can enjoy a drink in the Cave Bar, which is an original, old Nabatean cave.

4. day: Petra / Wadi Rum

Full day sightseeing in the “rose-red” city of Petra, which was built or exactly carved in into the mountain by the Nabaten. We can go into the city through the impressive Siq. On the way we can see some statue of old Gods, water-reserve system, and stairs go to the mystic tops. At the end of the Siq, suddenly appear the Alkaznah, the so called treasury, which is the most impressive monument Petra. After we visit the Royal Thombs, the Silk tomb and the Theatre, and than we climb up to the Monastery. In the afternoon transfer to Wadi Rum camping. We hike in the beautiful desert, which colour is sometimes red, sometimes gold, sometimes brown, surrounded by Giant Mountain and blue sky. If somebody like can hire camel, and watch the sunset from the top of the camel. We spend the night in the desert camp.

5. day: Wadi Rum / Aqaba

In the morning we discover the Wadi Rum desert by jeep, looking for ancient Nabatean descriptions on the cliffs, the memorials of Lawrence of Arabia. In the afternoon we travel by bus Airport for departure.


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