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Follow T.E. Lawrence of Arabia footsteps in Jordan


About T.E. Lawrence of Arabia - Click here

Follow Lawrence of Arabia footsteps, ride camels in the lost desert for long period, be your own in the desert and landscapes, study the history of great Arabs revolt, travel in black basalt fort, be captivated by the majestic beauty of Nabataean temples and tombs in Petra, 8-day camel ride in lost desert, serious adventure.


Day 1: Amman-Azraq
Meets and assist at airport, visa formalities, following by transfer to Azraq Deep in the desert, far from the Turkish held Hejaz railway, Lawrence conducted his guerrilla operations from this oasis town. Visit the Oasis, and overnight at Azraq Guesthouse.

Day 2: Al Azraq Al-Junubi Qasr Al Uwaynid
The real adventure will start from today, you should be will prepared of unusually adventures, ride the camel early in morning today we will travel by camels just like T.E Lawrence of Arabia, This black basalt fort, in almost continuous military use since Roman times, became the headquarters of Prince Feisal's northern Arab army in 1917. ride camels all day long, until sunset, we will arrive Qasr Al Uwaynid, keep riding Camels via Wadi Al-Jilat to Qasr Al Uwaynid in black desert, visit the castle, and Camping there.

Day 3: Lost Desert
Sunny day, ride the camels under the heat, in lost black desert, where no man, no springs, just desert all around you, like your palm, no shadow, but travel on Camels, for 20 Km and camping in the Middle of the Desert.

Day 4: Qasr Al-Kharranah
Today we will continue riding our camels in the Black basalt desert for 15 Km afternoon we will arrive Qasr Al-Kharranah an enigma to archaeologists and historians. Some experts believe that it was a defensive fort, while others maintain it was a caravanserais for passing camel trains. Inside the castle arrow slits are also cosmetic, being too narrow on the inside to allow archers sufficient visibility and too few in number for effective military usage. We do know that an inscription in a second-story room dates the construction of Qasr al-Harraneh to 711 CE. There we will have dinner and campfire.

Day 5: Lost Desert
Again today early in the morning we have to be well prepared for the lost desert, and travel in no where like the third day, and we camp in the middle of the desert. After riding our Camels for 25 Km.

Day 6: Qasr Al Hammam

Next day we keep traveling on our camels for 15 Km afternoon we arrive Qasr Al Hammam The desert here was empty and desolate and relatively flat. One can see for miles and miles in all direction. The desert here is not the picturesque desert, watch ephemeral dust devils twist slowly across the barren landscape. Afternoon we arrive Qasr Al Hammam cool inside the bath house. There three small unadorned chambers inside with a still intact dome roof. There we will have our campfire.

Day 7: Qasr Khan Al Zabib
Today easier day of camel ride, we have time to sleep in the morning, breakfast and ride our camels, we travel in white desert for 6 Km to Qasr Khan Al Zabib 8 Km west of Qatrana, an Umayyad guesthouse, and used then as guesthouse for pilgrimages enroot from Syria to Mecca , there we camp, and stay overnight.

Day 8: Karak Castle
Today we will travel by Jeep Safari cross to Kerak Castle the ancient Crusader city of Karak, dominated by the castle built by Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1142 AD, greatly impressed Lawrence on his study tour in 1909. He spent many days here exploring tunnels, dungeons and sketching the castle. Evening we travel down to Petra, check in at Hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 9-10: Petra
We have full tow days to discover the beauty of Petra, Jordan's number one tourist site, Petra is located near the town of Wadi Mousa, three hours south of Amman Lawrence traveled to Petra both before and during the war and was captivated by the majestic beauty of the Nabataean temples and tombs carved into the rock.

Day 11: Wadi Rum
Drive from Petra by Jeep Safari to Wadi Rum Lawrence and Auda operated throughout 1917 in this extraordinary desert landscape and from here the strike on Aqaba was launched. It provided David Lean with his most memorable movie locations for his epic 1962 film 'Lawrence of Arabia'. Visit seven Pillars of wisdom, and Lawrence springs, Lawrence house, we stay at Bedouin tent with Bedouin family.

Day 12-13: Wadi Yutim - Camel ride from Wadi Rum to Aqaba
The second part of Camel ride like what Lawrence of Arabia did ride camel from Wadi Rum to Aqaba: The scene of a great Arab victory in July 1916 when this heavily defended Turkish stronghold fell to a daring Arab camel charge. Lawrence rode triumphantly from here to Cairo to report the good news to an astonished General Allenby. The port of Aqaba became a major supply base for the advancing Arab Revolt.

Day 14: Aqaba Airport
Free morning, swimming; relax at private beach following by transfer to Aqaba international airport, departure.