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Gentle Air Balloon Over Wadi Rum

Adventure travel has come to Jordan. One of its most pleasurable forms is a flight over Wadi Rum in the air balloon.

The sky is a clear blue pallet over Wadi Rum, and our air balloon rocks gently in the cradle of Jordan's majestic desert, splashed pink by the rising sun. The take off was so gentle that you will have to reach out over the edges of the straw passenger basket to remind yourself that the ground is 3000 feet below.

It's a ride fit for a king. And in fact the whole concept of "Balloons Over Jordan" derived from a birthday celebration that was arranged for King Hussein himself. Some of the world's best air-balloon pilots gathered at Jordan's Wadi Rum for a colorful take off of what were probably the largest balloons of all times.

The spectacular balloon flight has become a tourist attraction. But it remains limited by various constraints.

Flying seasons all year round. We also coincide with the influx of tourists. But the balloon only carries six - eight paying passengers and wind conditions only enable morning flights. Early means early, namely, during the three hours after sunrise. Then the winds are gentlest. As a result, balloon-bent tourists must arrive at Wadi Rum, which is two hours southeast of Petra and four hours from Amman, the night before. We offer a package deal including transportation, the flight and accommodation at the Wadi Rum Campsites.


Hot Air Balloon over Wadi Rum:

Free Fall Tandem Jumb 185 USD per person

Free Fall Tandem Jumb with Video 220 USD P.P.

Balloon Ride 185USD per person

Minimum charge is one hour, above one hour will be charged accourding to total time

* Balloon trips take place in early morning hours.