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About Us

"We are people desperately trying to preserve our past, while being hurled
 towards the 21st century. We want to share with you our great experiences
 and the beautiful scenery there. We want to make your time enjoyable and
 We hope you find this site very interesting
Travelling to Jordan with Jordan's Beauty will give travellers an opportunity to
 see the real colourful Jordan. We take pride in making every trip we organize
 a unique experience for our clients. We stand for offering a travel experience
 beyond belief.
We will work together to assure you a meaningful trip and we will never let you travel unless it is safe.The government of Jordan takes great care to protect both its citizens and its visitors. Let us hear from you soon.

Mailing Address
Jordan Beauty Tours.

Ground Operation.
Telephone: +962 788802045 , +962 777 517069
FAX: +962 3 215 4 999

Petra - Wadi Mousa
P.O.Box : 8
Petra 71810

Our location in Petra (Wadi Mousa)


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